Courtney Keiser, MA, LPC-Associate

About Courtney Keiser, MA, LPC-Associate

$90-$110 per 45-minute session

I became a therapist to not only help individuals heal but to help find their place in a world full of distractions that tend to take us further away from our truth and our soul’s essence. The truth that we are all starseeds. We all have abilities. We all have inner wisdom passed down from centuries of past lives. Inside all of us we contain infinite learned lessons and universal truths that modern society has tried to distract us from, so that we are more easily manipulated. Our human nature is rooted in spiritual, magical, ancestral, celestial beliefs that are still within each of us waiting to be found in the present life.

I am a highly sensitive person or HSP. I am an empath, I am a witch full of light and magic, I am a starseed, A spiritual warrior and healer. I have a deep connection with nature and animals. My intuition is fiercely strong. I am drawn to crystals. I have had clairaudient abilities at a time in my life. I think like a shaman when it comes to the soul and it’s journey- incorporating mother nature, it’s creatures, elementals, and our spirit guides. With all of this said, do you think you might be a highly sensitive person? Do you feel emotions deeply, feel others thoughts or emotions before they tell you? Can you see, feel, or hear spirit? Are you drawn to alchemy and the metaphysical? If so you are an HSP!

How I do therapy with HSP’s:

My therapeutic practice is rooted in evidence-based therapeutic interventions and approaches backed by modern scientific research. I utilize CBT, Trauma-informed, DBT, person-centered, psychoeducation, solution-focused, experiential, transpersonal, and Jungian therapy to name a few. My eclectic approach is tailored to each unique individual’s needs, symptoms, goals, and personality.

I am consciously aware of the interventions and approaches I select to use for clients in tandem with the use of spiritual, metaphysical, alchemy, shamanism, and ancient wisdom to provide you with the appropriate tools, skills, and insight when appropriate for what I feel the client is needing and what I am being guided to provide.

I provide a safe space to talk about the things you are afraid of talking about with others, that you may even be skeptical about yourself. I see individuals at all different levels of realization, awareness, and spiritual practice.

I can honestly say I am excited for the work that I do and I am so grateful to share this soul journey on earth and through life with you. I welcome you to take a chance on yourself to discover your life and all of its infinite possibilities with me. Therapy is not always easy or fun, but what matters is what can you take away from it? Do you feel inspired? Do you feel more aware? Do you feel closer to discovering all that is authentically you? If my words have spoken to you, take that next step and book an appointment with me at Luminary Counseling, PLLC with the link provided below or feel free to fill out a contact inquiry form. There is a whole starseed and light worker community ready to welcome you with open arms.

Courtney Keiser

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Austin, TX