Christy Powell, MA, LPC Intern

About Christy Powell, MA, LPC Intern

$80-$120 per 50-75 minute session

Christy (he/him) is an LPC Intern, supervised by Jennifer Buffalo, MA, LPC-S, LMFT at Luminary Counseling. He’s a counselor and educator with a focus on gender and sexuality, kinky and poly relationships and healing from religious shame and judgement. Using techniques related to mindfulness, erotic intelligence and existential psychotherapy Christy works with individuals and relationships of all sizes to provide a safe and action oriented approach to wellness. He also works each week at to provide a sex positive and human affirming view on issues ranging from online dating to sexual assault. Christy believes that by shedding light on these pieces of ourselves we can change who we are and how we love.

It’s a truism that there is more than enough food thrown away each year to feed the many hungry, but logistics and connection get in the way. In this same way he believes that there is more than enough love in the world, but our prejudices, past hurts and unskilled communication leave many of us feeling damaged and disconnected. By creating a space for you and your partner(s) we can work to bridge these gaps and build stronger relationships.

You can visit my website here!

Christy Powell

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Austin, TX

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