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Relationship counseling is a process by which a qualified therapist engages with 2 or more people to help determine common needs from each member of the relationship. We understand that relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and we support diverse relationship structures, including "designer relationships." This includes people practicing ethical non-mongamy and/or polyamory as well as people engaged in more traditional monogamous relationship structures.  Relationship science leads our interventions at Luminary Counseling, PLLC regardless of the structure of the relationship.

Research has shown that therapy can be highly effective in improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening relationships. Our relationship therapists have received specific training and additional clinical hours in marriage and family therapy modalities and interventions. It is important to note that not all therapists are trained to work with couples or families. Therapists at Luminary Counseling, PLLC who work with relationships have recevied additional training hours to ensure that we can meet the needs of the communities that we serve.

Professional Couples Therapy in Austin, Texas

At Luminary Counseling, PLLC our therapists have received specific training as well as additional clinical hours in marriage and family therapy modalities and interventions. We approach relationships from a trauma-informed lens and understand how adverse life experiences can contribute to difficulties in our love relationships.  Relationship counseling is a very different process than working with an individual alone. Couples therapists seek to find the intersections of where partners can find common ground, increase healthy communication and work to heal ruptures in the relationship.

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It is crucial that if you are considering Relationship counseling that you seek help ASAP. Many people wait too long to get support for their relationship. If you are thinking that it might be time for marital counseling, make the call today!

Our licensed marriage and family therapists also offer pre-marital counseling for individuals seeking this type of support.

Key Tenets of relationship counseling that we focus on at Luminary Counseling, PLLC include:

- Open communication: Relationship counseling focuses on improving communication between partners, including active listening, expressing thoughts and feelings effectively, and avoiding criticism and defensiveness.

- Conflict resolution: We work in therapy to develop healthy conflict resolution skills, such as compromising, negotiating, and finding common ground.

- Personal growth: Relationship counseling can help individuals identify their own personal issues and patterns that may be affecting their relationship and work towards personal growth and self-improvement.  A referral to individual counseling may be provided by your relationship counselor.  If you are seeking individual counseling, too, we can support you!  Please speak with your therapist about both relationship and individual counseling and we can connect you with resources to support both.

- Trust-building: Trust is a fundamental aspect of any healthy relationship. Relationship counseling can help couples rebuild trust through honesty, vulnerability, and accountability.  If your relationship has experienced a rupture due to infidelity or other relational norm violation, please do not wait to seek support. Studies have shown that couples who seek counseling soon after a rupture (such as an affair) are more likely to stay together and report higher levels of relationship satisfaction than those who delay seeking help or do not seek help at all. Counseling can help couples process the emotions associated with a rupture in their relationship, rebuild trust, and develop strategies for moving forward.

- Intimacy and connection: Counselors can help couples enhance their emotional and physical intimacy, deepen their connection, and rekindle the spark in their relationship.

- Goal-setting: Relationship counseling can help partners set and achieve their goals as a team, whether it's improving communication, rebuilding trust, or strengthening their emotional bond.

- Non-judgmental support: A relationship counselor provides a safe and non-judgmental space where partners can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or condemnation.

- Empowerment: Ultimately, relationship counseling is about empowering couples to take control of their relationship, work through challenges together, and create a fulfilling and sustainable partnership.

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