What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy in its broadest terms is focused on helping clients live more enriching and flourishing lives. Often, time is spent looking at present concerns, assessing for current goals and utilizing a variety of techniques in order to help obtain your goals and live a more meaningful life. What is meaningful to one person may vary for another. That is where the individual process can be most helpful in determining your personal values, needs and dreams.

At Luminary Counseling, we are committed to catering our psychotherapy counseling to meet your unique needs. We offer psychotherapy services on a variety of topics to the Austin, Texas area and Mueller district.

Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas

Psychotherapy can help you to have more meaningful relationships, obtain a better job or more fulfilling work, address financial concerns, process traumatic experiences from the past or present, learn to have healthy coping strategies, reduce or eliminate unhealthy substance use, and the list goes on. Our Austin psychotherapists use relational techniques in combination with the newest brain research and a supportive collaborative approach in order to help you experience relief of your symptoms and learn new ways to be in this world.

If you are seeking psychotherapy counseling in Austin, TX, contact us today.

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Austin, TX

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