Finding a Therapist is EXHAUSTING

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know that when it comes to finding a therapist, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  In a market as saturated as Austin with therapists, how can you ever find just the right one?  We are inundated with ads, websites, blogs (**clears throat**) telling us why “ONLINE THERAPY IS THE WAY TO GO!” or “You need EMDR and you need it NOW!”  Not to mention your friend who “…has a therapist that you just have to see!”  I’ll own that I am a small part of this problem.  I have a web presence, advertise on several reputable sites, pass out business cards, LOVE referrals and believe that everyone at some point in their life should be in therapy.

My own experience of finding a therapist was a funny one.  I was looking for relationship counseling and the guy took my insurance…Voila!  A match made in heaven!  Albeit, this was over a decade ago and the market wasn’t quite as saturated.  When I recently went to look online to find a therapist recommendation for a few friends, I, too, was completely overwhelmed.  Whether I knew the person or not, everyone bled together and I couldn’t remember if this person had the therapy dog or that person used X Y and Z techniques.  It was a mess.  I ended up jotting down some familiar names and moving on. The interesting thing is, those matches worked out.  My friends loved their therapists and felt like they are getting amazing help.  So, why am I writing this blog?  Partially to align with and validate that feeling overwhelmed in this process is natural…It feels overwhelming because it is overwhelming.  Period.  Secondly, to offer a simple solution.  A free of charge 30-minute FACE-TO-FACE consultation.  Everyone that works for Luminary Counseling, PLLC offers this affordable and easy solution.  You get to come and talk to a therapist free of charge.  Find out where we are located.  Learn about how we work.  Get a feel for our style.  And without any cost to you whatsoever.  If you feel a connection, great! We are happy to engage you in the process and continue working together towards whatever goals may be bringing you into therapy.  If your needs are outside of our scope of practice or it doesn’t quite feel like the right fit, no harm no foul.  We can offer referrals back out into the community where you will most certainly find someone who DOES feel like a good match.

I do want to encourage this: Make the call today.  Send the email.  Take the step you’re wanting and needing to take and know that you will land somewhere where you are cared for and well-held.  I hope to see you soon 😉

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